Professional monitoring

Our experts will study the technical and technological
documentation, plans of sewerage networks, after which they will take samples of the wastewater of the enterprise with the subsequent determination of quality indicators. 

All this in order to prepare a technical report with recommendations and suggestions on the choice of technology with the best work efficiency.


Specialists of our design department have a high qualifications and many years of experience in the design and development of project documentation for the construction of local wastewater treatment plants, reconstruction of existing WWTP, technical re-equipment of WWTP.


Equipment delivery

We use equipment of our own production and european partner companies, which allows us to offer our customers the best price with the best quality. Our solutions are based on patented technologies to achieve high efficiency with low operating costs.

We can offer for you solutions for:

- treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater
- purification of recycled and process water
- dewatering of sludge and activated sludge
- biogas production
- drinking water treatment


Instalation, commission and service of delivered equipment

Our technologists and service engineers monitor all stages of installation and commissioning of equipment of any complexity, including such work as: piping, wiring and bringing the equipment to design parameters.
The customer's personnel undergo a full briefing before starting the equipment.


We can offer for you:
- prefabrication as sawing, drilling, turning, milling, laser cutting, bending and rolling
- manufacturing as welding process MAG (135)/ WIG (141) for carbon and stainless steel
- welded construction from individual parts to series    production with a weight of up to 3 tonns
- piping
- assembling
- surface treatment as coating, powder coating, galvanizing, pickling




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